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Leading Manufacturer for Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Injector - piston pin – Derun

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All we do is often involved with our tenet " Purchaser to start with, Rely on initially, devoting over the food stuff packaging and environmental defense for Motor Spare Parts Auto, Common Rail Injector Accessories, limiting valve, Now we have experienced manufacturing facilities with extra than 100 employees. So we could guarantee short lead time and high quality assurance.
Leading Manufacturer for Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Injector - piston pin – Derun Detail:

 specification raw materials  specification raw materials  specification raw materials  specification raw materials
Ф8-5-22 20CrMo Ф14-10-42 20CrMo Ф17-10-53.5 20CrMo Ф22-14-64 20Cr
Ф8-5.7-26.5 20CrMo Ф14-9-39.5 20Cr Ф17-10-54.1 20CrMo Ф22-14-67 20Cr
Ф10-6-30 20CrMo Ф14-10-41.4 20CrMo Ф17-10-54.6 20CrMo Ф22-12-56 20CrH
Ф10-6-34 20Cr Ф14-10-42 20CrMo Ф17-12-61.5 20CrMo Ф22-12-50 20CrH
Ф10-6-32 20CrMo Ф14-9-42 20Cr Ф17-11-53 20Cr Ф22-14.2-54 20Cr
Ф10-6.5-25 20CrMo Ф14-9.5-38.5 20Cr Ф17-10-53.5 20CrMo Ф22-13.3-59.5 20Cr
Ф10-7-24 20Cr Ф14-9-41.7 20Cr Ф18-14-54 20CrMo Ф22-13.8-58 20CrMo
Ф10-7-32 20CrMo Ф14-9.5-38.6 20Cr Ф18-13.8-54 20CrMo Ф22-12.8-54 20Cr
Ф10-6.5-22 GCr15 Ф14-9-36.9 20Cr Ф18-14-54 20CrMo Ф22-14-73 20Cr
Ф10-6.5-22 20CrMo Ф14-9-37 20Cr Ф18-13.7-54 20CrMo Ф22-13.8-66.9 20Cr
Ф10-7-34 20CrMo Ф14-9.5-38.4 20Cr Ф18-14-54 20CrMo Ф22-14(12)-56.5 20CrMo
Ф10-7-28 20Cr Ф14-9.5-37.3 20Cr Ф18-13-56.5 20CrMo Ф22-12.9-63.2 20Cr
Ф10-7-24 GCr15 Ф14-9-40-V 20CrMo Ф18-13-60 20CrMo Ф22-13-68.7 20Cr
Ф10-6-30 20CrMo Ф14.5-7.9-47.25 20Cr Ф18-12-63 20CrMo Ф22.88-14.7-71.8 20Cr
Ф10-6-33 20CrMo Ф14.5-8.9-36.26 20Cr Ф18-12.2-60 20CrMo Ф23-14.5-60.6 20CrMo
Ф10-6.5-30 20CrMo Ф15-10-42.4 20CrMo Ф18-11-53 20Cr Ф23-14-63 20Cr
Ф10-7-28 20Cr Ф15-10-38 20CrMo Ф18-11-62 20Cr Ф23-15.7-74 20Cr
Ф11-5.8-34.6 20CrMo Ф15-10-52 20CrMo Ф18-10.8-55 20Cr Ф23-15.7-70.1 20Cr
Ф11-7-32 20Cr Ф15-10-40.5 20CrMo Ф18-12-63 20Cr Ф23-14(12.5)-66 20Cr
Ф11-7-32 GCr15 Ф15-11-41 20CrMo Ф18-12-58 20Cr Ф23-15(13.7)-73 20Cr
Ф12-9-32 GCr15 Ф15-11(10)-48 20CrMo Ф18-13-56 20CrMo Ф23-16-69.7 20CrMo
Ф12-9-34 GCr15 Ф15-10-44 20Cr Ф18-12-47.6 20Cr Ф23-16-72.5 20CrMo
Ф12-8-36 20Cr Ф15-10-50 20Cr Ф18-12-53 20Cr Ф23-16-63.7 20CrMo
Ф12-9-32 20CrMo Ф15-11-42 20CrMo Ф18-9-55 20Cr Ф23-15-66 20CrMo
Ф12-8-33 20CrMo Ф15-11-45 20CrMo Ф18-10-54.7 20Cr Ф23-13.5-59 20Cr
Ф12-8-32 20Cr Ф15-11-43 20CrMo Ф18-11-55 16MnCr5 Ф23-13.5-58 20Cr
Ф12-9-34 20Cr Ф15-10-41 20CrMo Ф18-12-54 20Cr Ф23-15-60 20Cr
Ф12-8-33 20CrMo Ф15-10-41 20CrMo Ф18-11-53 20Cr Ф23-15-77.9 20Cr
Ф12-9-40 20CrMo Ф15-10-50.5 20CrMo Ф18-8-60 20CrMoA Ф23-15-77.9 20Cr
Ф12.446-6.6-31.75 20CrMo Ф15-10-41.5 20CrMo Ф18-8-52 20Cr Ф23.5-14.3-65.5 20Cr
Ф12.446-7.14(6.6)-43.7 ML20Cr Ф15-11-43 SCM415H Ф18-11-55.5 20CrMo Ф23.56-14.5(12.9)-76 20Cr
Ф12.446-7.14(6.6)-48.4 20CrMo Ф15-8.9-45 20CrMo Ф18-12-63 20Cr Ф24-13.65-62 20Cr
Ф12.7-8.86-53.47 20CrMo Ф15-11-45 SCM415H Ф18-11(10)-50 20CrMo Ф24-14-65 20Cr
Ф12-8.5-33 20CrMo Ф15-10-39 20CrMo Ф18-10(9)-48.7 20CrH Ф24-14-70 20Cr
Ф12-7-37.2 20CrMo Ф15-10.6-48 20CrMo Ф18-12-54.4 20Cr Ф24-14(12.5)-61 20Cr
Ф12-8-37.2 20CrMo Ф15-11-45 20CrMo Ф18-12-56.4 20Cr Ф24-13.5-65.5 31CrMoV9
Ф13-9-24.6 20CrMo Ф15-11-43 20CrMo Ф18-12-61 20Cr Ф24-13.15-53 20Cr
Ф13-9-33.3 20CrMo Ф15-10-45 20CrMo Ф18-12(10)-47 20CrMo Ф24-14.6(13.1)-70 20Cr
Ф13-9-30.6 20CrMo Ф15-10-47.8 20CrMo Ф18-12-60 20Cr Ф24-13-64 20Cr
Ф13-9-34.2 20Cr Ф15-10-47.4 20CrMo Ф18-12-62.9 20Cr Ф25-14-69.85 16MnCr5
Ф13-9-38 20CrMo Ф15-10-50.5 20CrMo Ф18-12-47 20Cr Ф25-14-67 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.2 20CrMo Ф15-10-48 20CrMo Ф18-12-60 20Cr Ф25-14(12.5)-66 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.2 20CrMo Ф15-10-48 20CrMo Ф18-12(10)-55.8 20Cr Ф25-17.3-72 20Cr
Ф13-8-34.2 20CrMo Ф15-10-48 20CrMo Ф18-10.8-63 20CrMo Ф25-17.2-74.4 16MnCr5
Ф13-9-38.5 20CrMo Ф15-10-48.2 20CrMo Ф19-14-58 20CrMo Ф25-14.5-65 16MnCr5
Ф13-10-37 GCr15 Ф15-10-51 20CrMo Ф19-14-65 20CrMo Ф25-14.8-65 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.4 20CrMo Ф15-10-48.2 20CrMo Ф19-10.5-50 20Cr Ф25-15-66 20CrMo
Ф13-9-38.6 20CrMo Ф15-10-48.5 20CrMo Ф19-11-60 20Cr Ф25-12.5-60 20CrMo
Ф13-9-38.8 20CrMo Ф15-10-50.5 20CrMo Ф19.5-12-62 20CrMo Ф26-13.4-60 20CrMo
Ф13-9-39 20CrMo Ф15-10-50.5 20CrMo Ф19-12.5-52 20Cr Ф26-13-61 20CrMo
Ф13-8.3-39 20CrMo Ф15-10.6-50 20CrMo Ф19-12-49 20Cr Ф27-16-70 20CrMo
Ф13-9-39 20CrMo Ф15-10.7-51 20CrMo Ф19-12-53.4 20Cr Ф27-16(14.3)-58 20Cr
Ф13-9-39 20CrMo Ф15-10-51 20CrMo Ф19-12-55 20Cr Ф27-14-66 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.2 20CrMo Ф15-10-51 20CrMo Ф19-12-58 20Cr Ф28-17-77 20CrMo
Ф13-9-39 20CrMo Ф15.88-10.36-48.4 20CrMo Ф19-12-58A 20Cr Ф28-16-71 20Cr
Ф13-9-36 20Cr Ф15-10-50 20CrMo Ф19-12-58 20Cr Ф28-13-67 16MnCr5
Ф13-9-40 20CrMo Ф15-10-44 20CrMo Ф19-11-42 20Cr Ф28-17-72 20Cr
Ф13-8-46.6 20CrMo Ф15-10-46.3 20CrMo Ф19-09-52 20CrH Ф28-14-60 20CrMo
Ф13-8-41 20CrMo Ф15-10-42 20CrMo Ф19.05-13.4-60 20Cr Ф28-14-70 20CrMo
Ф13-7.8-33 20CrMo Ф15-9-48.4 20CrMo Ф19.05-13-60 16MnCr5 Ф28-15.5-66 20Cr
Ф13-8.3-38 20CrMo Ф15-9.7-46 20Cr Ф19-11-60 20Cr Ф28-14-66-V 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-40.3 20CrMo Ф15-10.5-42.4 20Cr Ф19-11-42 20Cr Ф28-14-66 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-40.5 20CrMo Ф15-11-44.5 20CrMo Ф19-11-55 20Cr Ф29-17-74 20CrMo
Ф13-9-41 20CrMo Ф15-10-38.7 20CrMo Ф20-8-68 20CrMo Ф29-14.7-74 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.3 20CrMo Ф15-10.5-41 20CrMo Ф20-13-58 20CrMo Ф29-14-77 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-41.4 20CrMo Ф15-11-36 20CrMo Ф20-14-61 20CrMo Ф30-15-74 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.4 20CrMo Ф15-10-51.7 20CrMo Ф20-13-62 20CrMo Ф30-18-74 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.5 20CrMo Ф15-9-44.9-V 20CrMo Ф20.333-15.09-50 20CrMo Ф31-15.6-70 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.7 20CrMo Ф16-11-45.9 20CrMo Ф20-12-64 20CrMo Ф31-15.2-65 20CrMo
Ф13-9-45 20CrMo Ф16-11-51 SCM415 Ф20-13-60 20CrMo Ф31.7-17.8-75 20Cr
Ф13-9-46.4 20CrMo Ф16-10-52.7 20CrMo Ф20-13-56 20CrMo Ф31.75-17.5-75.3 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-46.6 20CrMo Ф16-11-54.4 20CrMo Ф20-13-56 20CrMo 32-17-71 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-41.4 20CrMo Ф16-10-49 20CrMo Ф20-13-48 20Cr Ф32-16.7-71.1-V 20Cr
Ф13-9-30.6 20CrMo Ф16-11-59 20CrMo Ф20-13-52 20Cr Ф33-18-78 20Cr
Ф13-7-31 20CrMo Ф16-10-46.5 20CrMo Ф20-11-54 20Cr Ф33.2-16-76 20Cr
Ф13-9-40.7 20CrMo Ф16-9-52 20CrMo Ф20-13.2-60 20CrMo Ф34-18-70 20Cr
Ф13-9-30.5 20CrMo Ф16-9-46 20CrMo Ф20-13-56 20CrMo Ф34-20-73 20Cr
Ф13-9-46.5 20CrMo Ф16-9-55 20Cr Ф20-12-56 20CrMo Ф34-20.4-65.3 20Cr
Ф13-9-25 20CrMo Ф16-9-49 20Cr Ф20-13-60 20Cr Ф34-17-65 20Cr
Ф13-8-39 20CrMo Ф16-9-42 20CrMo Ф20-13-56 20CrMo Ф34-17-76.9 20Cr
Ф13-8.6-38 20CrMo Ф16-9-55 20CrMo Ф20-13-62 20Cr Ф34-18.4(16.9)-78 20Cr
Ф13-9-40.4 20CrMo Ф16-10.8-53.6 20CrMo Ф20-12-50 20Cr Ф34.5-18-77.5 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.4 20CrMo Ф16-10-49 20Cr Ф20-12-59 ML20Cr Ф34.9-18-84.1 20Cr
Ф13-8-35.5 20CrMo Ф16-10-49 20CrMo Ф20-13-50 16MnCr5 Ф35-18-80 20Cr
Ф13-8-33.1 20CrMo Ф16-11-53.6 20CrMo Ф20-12-64 20CrMo Ф35-20-77 20Cr
Ф13-8-37.9 20CrMo Ф16-9.5-46 20CrMo Ф21-14-66 20Cr Ф34.5-17-80.3 20Cr
Ф13-8-38 20CrMo Ф16-11-52.9 20CrMo Ф21-12-69 20Cr Ф34.5-15.7-78.7 20Cr
Ф13-8-42.1 20CrMo Ф16-10-40 20Cr Ф21-9-59 20Cr Ф35-22.7-85 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.4 20CrMo Ф16-11-51.3 20CrMo Ф21-13-52 20Cr Ф35-20.5-85 20Cr
Ф13-9-40.4 20CrMo Ф15.88-8.5-60.3 Ф21-13-62 16MnCr5 Ф35-18-87.5 20Cr
Ф13-8-36-V 20CrMo Ф17-12-49 20Cr Ф21-11.5(10.5)-54 20Cr Ф34.925-18-84.1 20Cr
Ф13-8-36-V 20CrMo Ф17-9.53(8.15)-53.8 20Cr Ф21-13-68 20Cr Ф36-17-82.5 16MnCr5
Ф13-8-39.8 20CrMo Ф17-12.4-47 20CrMo Ф21-11-58 20Cr Ф36-19-79 20Cr
Ф14-9-39.5 20CrMo Ф17-12-43 20CrMo Ф21-12.8-61.5 20Cr Ф38.5-17-75 20Cr
Ф14-9-37 20CrMo Ф17-12-46 20CrMo Ф21-11.8-50.6 20Cr Ф38-23-84 20Cr
Ф14-9-37 20CrMo Ф17-12-42 20CrMo Ф22-12.7-56 20Cr Ф38-21-85 20Cr
Ф14-9.6-42.4 20CrMo Ф17-12-43 20CrMo Ф22-13-65.2 16MnCr5 Ф40-23-93 20Cr
Ф14-9-39.4 20CrMo Ф17-12-43 20CrMo Ф22-13-65.2 20CrMo Ф40-20-92.8 20Cr
Ф14-10-38 20CrMo Ф17-10-51.5 20CrMo Ф22-12.8-62 20Cr Ф40-19-90.2 20Cr
Ф14-9-41 20Cr Ф17-11.5-53 20CrMo Ф22-12-61 20Cr Ф40-19(17)-83 20Cr
Ф14-9-40 20Cr Ф17-10.5-54.3 20CrMo Ф22-12.5-52 20Cr Ф40-23-93 20Cr
Ф14-8-53 20CrMo Ф17-12-57 20CrMo Ф22-14-70 20Cr Ф40-20-92.8 20Cr
Ф14-8-53 20CrMo Ф17-11-47.5 20Cr Ф22-13.8-66.2 20Cr Ф40-19-87 20CrMnTi
Ф14-10-40 20CrMo Ф17-12.25-55.5 20CrMo Ф22-16-67 20CrMo Ф42-20-80 16MnCr5
Ф14-9-39.5 20Cr Ф17-11.1-46.4 SCM415H Ф22-14-56 20Cr Ф46-21.5-92.3 20CrMnTi
Ф14-10-41.6 20CrMo Ф17-10-50 20CrH Ф22-12.8-62 20Cr Ф48-22-108 16MnCr5
Ф14-9.5-42 20Cr Ф17-12.1-39 20CrMo Ф22-12.8-56.6 20Cr Ф52-24-103 16MnCr5
Ф14-10-42 20CrMo Ф17-11-46.5 20Cr Ф22-14(12.5)-66 20Cr

Product detail pictures:

Leading Manufacturer for Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

Leading Manufacturer for Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

Leading Manufacturer for Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

Leading Manufacturer for Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

Leading Manufacturer for Fuel Pump Vs Fuel Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

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