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E85 is a special 85 per cent ethanol fuel found at certain United fuel stations. It can only be used in flex-fuel cars, but often finds its way into the tanks of highly modified cars or race cars. The E85 pump is coloured purple. Putting this fuel in a regular car may cause damage to the fuel system due to the high ethanol content, but the car probably won’t run at all since it is much less volatile than pure petrol.

Where can we find ethanol free gasoline in Ontario? It seems that all of the large retailers PetroCan/Suncor, Shell and Esso are the Tier 1’s and Husky and Ultramar (yes there is not much competition in Canadian gas retailing), sell fuel with up to 15% ethanol.

You’re on the road, and suddenly — Oh no! Your car’s "check engine" light just came on, warning that something’s wrong.

At least in GMC Terrain these buttons are positioned on the dash. Does not make sense for drivability but ergonomically – yes. Now so much space exists in the console. But if you in the situation where you need to make a quick turnaround… “Honey, where is the reverse button?”

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If you tow a lot, you’ll likely spend most of your time watching your exhaust gas temps via the pyrometer. However, it’s vitally important that you also keep tabs on coolant temperature, especially when ascending a hill. Remember, diesels can lug almost any load up a grade without downshifting. This means low engine speeds are maintained even though the engine is under considerable load. Even though EGT may be manageable, coolant temps can skyrocket under such conditions.

Some 6.2 liter engines have also added a “catch can” that drains into the crankcase. Plenty of high quality kits to retrofit your car if you want to. I considered it but heard about the cases of engine warranty claims being denied. So far, no issues – at all.

“While many customers may assume a fuel injector is at fault when they experience issues with a vehicle, we go the extra mile to ensure all the problems within the system are resolved,” says Warren Hauser from Reef Fuel Injection Services. “It is heartening to get this recognition of our attention to detail from partners like Bosch.”

Fuel injectors are a more precise means of performing mixing, atomization, and injection of fuel in the cylinder. The need of varying air-fuel mixture requirements, according to the situation of loading and speed, is fulfilled by the injectors, while the carburetors are unable to perform the same. The injectors supply a precise amount of fuel as per the requirement, which increases efficiency of the engine. This is a key driver of the automotive fuel injector market.

New Fashion Design for Injector Valve Assembly -<br />
 common rail injector armature - Derun

Global Sway Bar Links Market 2018 Industry Research Report is segmented into key players, type, application, and region.

The systems are highly susceptible to damage if proper care is not followed. This is because the higher the injection pressure, the tighter the tolerances must be between mating parts in fuel-handling components such as pumps, valves and injectors. Tighter tolerances make these precision surfaces extremely vulnerable to being damaged by almost anything that’s not fuel. So, while a certain amount of contamination or water will not cause harm to older-design mechanical injectors, the same fuel will wreak havoc on a common rail fuel system.

The good news is that the intercooler is sized well for any upgrades. so it likely won’t require any changes for a tune. And since the exhaust arrangement on the head appears to be the same, there is a potential to install the bigger turbocharger from the Type R onto the Accord engine.

The Cherokee can claim stake to a significant portion of the evolutionary forces that jammed the SUV into popularity. It was the right combination of things, mixing at the right time. Then, the Grand Cherokee comes from stage left to freshen up the line, giving you another option to choose from.

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