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Professional China Bosch Common Rail Injector - piston pin – Derun

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Professional China Bosch Common Rail Injector - piston pin – Derun Detail:

 specification raw materials  specification raw materials  specification raw materials  specification raw materials
Ф8-5-22 20CrMo Ф14-10-42 20CrMo Ф17-10-53.5 20CrMo Ф22-14-64 20Cr
Ф8-5.7-26.5 20CrMo Ф14-9-39.5 20Cr Ф17-10-54.1 20CrMo Ф22-14-67 20Cr
Ф10-6-30 20CrMo Ф14-10-41.4 20CrMo Ф17-10-54.6 20CrMo Ф22-12-56 20CrH
Ф10-6-34 20Cr Ф14-10-42 20CrMo Ф17-12-61.5 20CrMo Ф22-12-50 20CrH
Ф10-6-32 20CrMo Ф14-9-42 20Cr Ф17-11-53 20Cr Ф22-14.2-54 20Cr
Ф10-6.5-25 20CrMo Ф14-9.5-38.5 20Cr Ф17-10-53.5 20CrMo Ф22-13.3-59.5 20Cr
Ф10-7-24 20Cr Ф14-9-41.7 20Cr Ф18-14-54 20CrMo Ф22-13.8-58 20CrMo
Ф10-7-32 20CrMo Ф14-9.5-38.6 20Cr Ф18-13.8-54 20CrMo Ф22-12.8-54 20Cr
Ф10-6.5-22 GCr15 Ф14-9-36.9 20Cr Ф18-14-54 20CrMo Ф22-14-73 20Cr
Ф10-6.5-22 20CrMo Ф14-9-37 20Cr Ф18-13.7-54 20CrMo Ф22-13.8-66.9 20Cr
Ф10-7-34 20CrMo Ф14-9.5-38.4 20Cr Ф18-14-54 20CrMo Ф22-14(12)-56.5 20CrMo
Ф10-7-28 20Cr Ф14-9.5-37.3 20Cr Ф18-13-56.5 20CrMo Ф22-12.9-63.2 20Cr
Ф10-7-24 GCr15 Ф14-9-40-V 20CrMo Ф18-13-60 20CrMo Ф22-13-68.7 20Cr
Ф10-6-30 20CrMo Ф14.5-7.9-47.25 20Cr Ф18-12-63 20CrMo Ф22.88-14.7-71.8 20Cr
Ф10-6-33 20CrMo Ф14.5-8.9-36.26 20Cr Ф18-12.2-60 20CrMo Ф23-14.5-60.6 20CrMo
Ф10-6.5-30 20CrMo Ф15-10-42.4 20CrMo Ф18-11-53 20Cr Ф23-14-63 20Cr
Ф10-7-28 20Cr Ф15-10-38 20CrMo Ф18-11-62 20Cr Ф23-15.7-74 20Cr
Ф11-5.8-34.6 20CrMo Ф15-10-52 20CrMo Ф18-10.8-55 20Cr Ф23-15.7-70.1 20Cr
Ф11-7-32 20Cr Ф15-10-40.5 20CrMo Ф18-12-63 20Cr Ф23-14(12.5)-66 20Cr
Ф11-7-32 GCr15 Ф15-11-41 20CrMo Ф18-12-58 20Cr Ф23-15(13.7)-73 20Cr
Ф12-9-32 GCr15 Ф15-11(10)-48 20CrMo Ф18-13-56 20CrMo Ф23-16-69.7 20CrMo
Ф12-9-34 GCr15 Ф15-10-44 20Cr Ф18-12-47.6 20Cr Ф23-16-72.5 20CrMo
Ф12-8-36 20Cr Ф15-10-50 20Cr Ф18-12-53 20Cr Ф23-16-63.7 20CrMo
Ф12-9-32 20CrMo Ф15-11-42 20CrMo Ф18-9-55 20Cr Ф23-15-66 20CrMo
Ф12-8-33 20CrMo Ф15-11-45 20CrMo Ф18-10-54.7 20Cr Ф23-13.5-59 20Cr
Ф12-8-32 20Cr Ф15-11-43 20CrMo Ф18-11-55 16MnCr5 Ф23-13.5-58 20Cr
Ф12-9-34 20Cr Ф15-10-41 20CrMo Ф18-12-54 20Cr Ф23-15-60 20Cr
Ф12-8-33 20CrMo Ф15-10-41 20CrMo Ф18-11-53 20Cr Ф23-15-77.9 20Cr
Ф12-9-40 20CrMo Ф15-10-50.5 20CrMo Ф18-8-60 20CrMoA Ф23-15-77.9 20Cr
Ф12.446-6.6-31.75 20CrMo Ф15-10-41.5 20CrMo Ф18-8-52 20Cr Ф23.5-14.3-65.5 20Cr
Ф12.446-7.14(6.6)-43.7 ML20Cr Ф15-11-43 SCM415H Ф18-11-55.5 20CrMo Ф23.56-14.5(12.9)-76 20Cr
Ф12.446-7.14(6.6)-48.4 20CrMo Ф15-8.9-45 20CrMo Ф18-12-63 20Cr Ф24-13.65-62 20Cr
Ф12.7-8.86-53.47 20CrMo Ф15-11-45 SCM415H Ф18-11(10)-50 20CrMo Ф24-14-65 20Cr
Ф12-8.5-33 20CrMo Ф15-10-39 20CrMo Ф18-10(9)-48.7 20CrH Ф24-14-70 20Cr
Ф12-7-37.2 20CrMo Ф15-10.6-48 20CrMo Ф18-12-54.4 20Cr Ф24-14(12.5)-61 20Cr
Ф12-8-37.2 20CrMo Ф15-11-45 20CrMo Ф18-12-56.4 20Cr Ф24-13.5-65.5 31CrMoV9
Ф13-9-24.6 20CrMo Ф15-11-43 20CrMo Ф18-12-61 20Cr Ф24-13.15-53 20Cr
Ф13-9-33.3 20CrMo Ф15-10-45 20CrMo Ф18-12(10)-47 20CrMo Ф24-14.6(13.1)-70 20Cr
Ф13-9-30.6 20CrMo Ф15-10-47.8 20CrMo Ф18-12-60 20Cr Ф24-13-64 20Cr
Ф13-9-34.2 20Cr Ф15-10-47.4 20CrMo Ф18-12-62.9 20Cr Ф25-14-69.85 16MnCr5
Ф13-9-38 20CrMo Ф15-10-50.5 20CrMo Ф18-12-47 20Cr Ф25-14-67 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.2 20CrMo Ф15-10-48 20CrMo Ф18-12-60 20Cr Ф25-14(12.5)-66 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.2 20CrMo Ф15-10-48 20CrMo Ф18-12(10)-55.8 20Cr Ф25-17.3-72 20Cr
Ф13-8-34.2 20CrMo Ф15-10-48 20CrMo Ф18-10.8-63 20CrMo Ф25-17.2-74.4 16MnCr5
Ф13-9-38.5 20CrMo Ф15-10-48.2 20CrMo Ф19-14-58 20CrMo Ф25-14.5-65 16MnCr5
Ф13-10-37 GCr15 Ф15-10-51 20CrMo Ф19-14-65 20CrMo Ф25-14.8-65 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.4 20CrMo Ф15-10-48.2 20CrMo Ф19-10.5-50 20Cr Ф25-15-66 20CrMo
Ф13-9-38.6 20CrMo Ф15-10-48.5 20CrMo Ф19-11-60 20Cr Ф25-12.5-60 20CrMo
Ф13-9-38.8 20CrMo Ф15-10-50.5 20CrMo Ф19.5-12-62 20CrMo Ф26-13.4-60 20CrMo
Ф13-9-39 20CrMo Ф15-10-50.5 20CrMo Ф19-12.5-52 20Cr Ф26-13-61 20CrMo
Ф13-8.3-39 20CrMo Ф15-10.6-50 20CrMo Ф19-12-49 20Cr Ф27-16-70 20CrMo
Ф13-9-39 20CrMo Ф15-10.7-51 20CrMo Ф19-12-53.4 20Cr Ф27-16(14.3)-58 20Cr
Ф13-9-39 20CrMo Ф15-10-51 20CrMo Ф19-12-55 20Cr Ф27-14-66 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.2 20CrMo Ф15-10-51 20CrMo Ф19-12-58 20Cr Ф28-17-77 20CrMo
Ф13-9-39 20CrMo Ф15.88-10.36-48.4 20CrMo Ф19-12-58A 20Cr Ф28-16-71 20Cr
Ф13-9-36 20Cr Ф15-10-50 20CrMo Ф19-12-58 20Cr Ф28-13-67 16MnCr5
Ф13-9-40 20CrMo Ф15-10-44 20CrMo Ф19-11-42 20Cr Ф28-17-72 20Cr
Ф13-8-46.6 20CrMo Ф15-10-46.3 20CrMo Ф19-09-52 20CrH Ф28-14-60 20CrMo
Ф13-8-41 20CrMo Ф15-10-42 20CrMo Ф19.05-13.4-60 20Cr Ф28-14-70 20CrMo
Ф13-7.8-33 20CrMo Ф15-9-48.4 20CrMo Ф19.05-13-60 16MnCr5 Ф28-15.5-66 20Cr
Ф13-8.3-38 20CrMo Ф15-9.7-46 20Cr Ф19-11-60 20Cr Ф28-14-66-V 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-40.3 20CrMo Ф15-10.5-42.4 20Cr Ф19-11-42 20Cr Ф28-14-66 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-40.5 20CrMo Ф15-11-44.5 20CrMo Ф19-11-55 20Cr Ф29-17-74 20CrMo
Ф13-9-41 20CrMo Ф15-10-38.7 20CrMo Ф20-8-68 20CrMo Ф29-14.7-74 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.3 20CrMo Ф15-10.5-41 20CrMo Ф20-13-58 20CrMo Ф29-14-77 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-41.4 20CrMo Ф15-11-36 20CrMo Ф20-14-61 20CrMo Ф30-15-74 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.4 20CrMo Ф15-10-51.7 20CrMo Ф20-13-62 20CrMo Ф30-18-74 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.5 20CrMo Ф15-9-44.9-V 20CrMo Ф20.333-15.09-50 20CrMo Ф31-15.6-70 20Cr
Ф13-9-41.7 20CrMo Ф16-11-45.9 20CrMo Ф20-12-64 20CrMo Ф31-15.2-65 20CrMo
Ф13-9-45 20CrMo Ф16-11-51 SCM415 Ф20-13-60 20CrMo Ф31.7-17.8-75 20Cr
Ф13-9-46.4 20CrMo Ф16-10-52.7 20CrMo Ф20-13-56 20CrMo Ф31.75-17.5-75.3 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-46.6 20CrMo Ф16-11-54.4 20CrMo Ф20-13-56 20CrMo 32-17-71 20CrMnTi
Ф13-9-41.4 20CrMo Ф16-10-49 20CrMo Ф20-13-48 20Cr Ф32-16.7-71.1-V 20Cr
Ф13-9-30.6 20CrMo Ф16-11-59 20CrMo Ф20-13-52 20Cr Ф33-18-78 20Cr
Ф13-7-31 20CrMo Ф16-10-46.5 20CrMo Ф20-11-54 20Cr Ф33.2-16-76 20Cr
Ф13-9-40.7 20CrMo Ф16-9-52 20CrMo Ф20-13.2-60 20CrMo Ф34-18-70 20Cr
Ф13-9-30.5 20CrMo Ф16-9-46 20CrMo Ф20-13-56 20CrMo Ф34-20-73 20Cr
Ф13-9-46.5 20CrMo Ф16-9-55 20Cr Ф20-12-56 20CrMo Ф34-20.4-65.3 20Cr
Ф13-9-25 20CrMo Ф16-9-49 20Cr Ф20-13-60 20Cr Ф34-17-65 20Cr
Ф13-8-39 20CrMo Ф16-9-42 20CrMo Ф20-13-56 20CrMo Ф34-17-76.9 20Cr
Ф13-8.6-38 20CrMo Ф16-9-55 20CrMo Ф20-13-62 20Cr Ф34-18.4(16.9)-78 20Cr
Ф13-9-40.4 20CrMo Ф16-10.8-53.6 20CrMo Ф20-12-50 20Cr Ф34.5-18-77.5 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.4 20CrMo Ф16-10-49 20Cr Ф20-12-59 ML20Cr Ф34.9-18-84.1 20Cr
Ф13-8-35.5 20CrMo Ф16-10-49 20CrMo Ф20-13-50 16MnCr5 Ф35-18-80 20Cr
Ф13-8-33.1 20CrMo Ф16-11-53.6 20CrMo Ф20-12-64 20CrMo Ф35-20-77 20Cr
Ф13-8-37.9 20CrMo Ф16-9.5-46 20CrMo Ф21-14-66 20Cr Ф34.5-17-80.3 20Cr
Ф13-8-38 20CrMo Ф16-11-52.9 20CrMo Ф21-12-69 20Cr Ф34.5-15.7-78.7 20Cr
Ф13-8-42.1 20CrMo Ф16-10-40 20Cr Ф21-9-59 20Cr Ф35-22.7-85 20Cr
Ф13-9-38.4 20CrMo Ф16-11-51.3 20CrMo Ф21-13-52 20Cr Ф35-20.5-85 20Cr
Ф13-9-40.4 20CrMo Ф15.88-8.5-60.3 Ф21-13-62 16MnCr5 Ф35-18-87.5 20Cr
Ф13-8-36-V 20CrMo Ф17-12-49 20Cr Ф21-11.5(10.5)-54 20Cr Ф34.925-18-84.1 20Cr
Ф13-8-36-V 20CrMo Ф17-9.53(8.15)-53.8 20Cr Ф21-13-68 20Cr Ф36-17-82.5 16MnCr5
Ф13-8-39.8 20CrMo Ф17-12.4-47 20CrMo Ф21-11-58 20Cr Ф36-19-79 20Cr
Ф14-9-39.5 20CrMo Ф17-12-43 20CrMo Ф21-12.8-61.5 20Cr Ф38.5-17-75 20Cr
Ф14-9-37 20CrMo Ф17-12-46 20CrMo Ф21-11.8-50.6 20Cr Ф38-23-84 20Cr
Ф14-9-37 20CrMo Ф17-12-42 20CrMo Ф22-12.7-56 20Cr Ф38-21-85 20Cr
Ф14-9.6-42.4 20CrMo Ф17-12-43 20CrMo Ф22-13-65.2 16MnCr5 Ф40-23-93 20Cr
Ф14-9-39.4 20CrMo Ф17-12-43 20CrMo Ф22-13-65.2 20CrMo Ф40-20-92.8 20Cr
Ф14-10-38 20CrMo Ф17-10-51.5 20CrMo Ф22-12.8-62 20Cr Ф40-19-90.2 20Cr
Ф14-9-41 20Cr Ф17-11.5-53 20CrMo Ф22-12-61 20Cr Ф40-19(17)-83 20Cr
Ф14-9-40 20Cr Ф17-10.5-54.3 20CrMo Ф22-12.5-52 20Cr Ф40-23-93 20Cr
Ф14-8-53 20CrMo Ф17-12-57 20CrMo Ф22-14-70 20Cr Ф40-20-92.8 20Cr
Ф14-8-53 20CrMo Ф17-11-47.5 20Cr Ф22-13.8-66.2 20Cr Ф40-19-87 20CrMnTi
Ф14-10-40 20CrMo Ф17-12.25-55.5 20CrMo Ф22-16-67 20CrMo Ф42-20-80 16MnCr5
Ф14-9-39.5 20Cr Ф17-11.1-46.4 SCM415H Ф22-14-56 20Cr Ф46-21.5-92.3 20CrMnTi
Ф14-10-41.6 20CrMo Ф17-10-50 20CrH Ф22-12.8-62 20Cr Ф48-22-108 16MnCr5
Ф14-9.5-42 20Cr Ф17-12.1-39 20CrMo Ф22-12.8-56.6 20Cr Ф52-24-103 16MnCr5
Ф14-10-42 20CrMo Ф17-11-46.5 20Cr Ф22-14(12.5)-66 20Cr

Product detail pictures:

Professional China Bosch Common Rail Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

Professional China Bosch Common Rail Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

Professional China Bosch Common Rail Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

Professional China Bosch Common Rail Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

Professional China Bosch Common Rail Injector - piston pin – Derun detail pictures

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