Delphi Technologies expands GDi service program in North America | High Pressure Fuel Injector

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Possibly good to get out of the Discovery 4 anyway. There has been a batch of bad engines: /carbycar/land-rover/discovery-4-2009/good/ Really, you should probably be looking at a Lexus RX450h: /road-tests/lexus/lexus-rx450h-and-rx200t-2016-road-test/ Not as robust or as capable off road as a Discovery 4, but does have four wheel drive and is a much cleaner and slightly more economical vehicle with no ULEZ worries.

“Making our customers comfortable is vastly more important than making sure we’re following additional government processes right now,” he said. Kia sent letters to dealers around Jan. 10 notifying them of the recall, he said.

Specifically, to get the fuel-oxygen mixture right, the system requires two oxygen sensors, one each to detect the engine’s catalytic converter input and output exhaust oxygen concentrations. Along with other sensor data, the vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM) takes input from the oxygen sensor and the engine to calculate and dynamically adjust the engine’s fuel-oxygen ratio.

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The term to keep in mind is “economy of scale.” That’s to say, you need to think about what is plentiful in the marketplace. If it’s easy to find (large supply) then the prices will typically be less. So, with that bit of Econ 101, the most affordable LS variants on the planet would be the 5.3L and 4.8L examples. Hundreds of thousands of these have been produced and are now easy to find parted out online and languishing in salvage yards.

Just like the small-block world, ARP is the go-to fastener in any Duramax build. From rod bolts to main studs to the Custom Age 625+ head studs pictured, ARP is deeply involved in the Duramax and the diesel engine industry as a whole. A set of Custom Age studs are always on order when 100 psi (or more) of boost will be sent through a Duramax engine.

Announcing U.S. investment first was a strategy Toyoda felt the company needed to pursue to avoid U.S. President Donald Trump’s wrath, the minutes showed – providing a rare window into how it has sought to tread carefully as the United States and China battle for investment, jobs and influence in the global economy.

An automobile that’s operating in a fuel-lean condition operates with the best fuel economy (green line in Fig. 2), but with high levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) that expel through the tailpipe. An automobile in the fuel-rich zone operates with the most power (orange area in Fig. 2). This increase in power produces a high output level of CO and VOC pollutants.

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Jay Mason, vice president of maintenance for Warren, Mich.-based Universal Logistics Holdings Inc., made a similar point.

No one here is defending this as simple maintenance just because it’s a Honda. There will, however, likely be a noticeable absence of a certain few big time Honda fans on this thread.

Bob Escalle, Sonim Technologies’ vice president for public-safety market segments, said the RDK-2 provides deployable LTE and Wi-Fi coverage in a package that is small enough to be carried to locations where a vehicular deployable is not practical.

To make your swap feasible on the fuel system side of things, there are a couple of different options. One would be to retrofit the entire stock fuel system components to the Jeep, including the pump, the PWM controller, and much more. This will be difficult and expensive. Another option is to have a tuner turn the PWM system off in the PCM and simply supply the engine with fuel via a conventional system. The 4.3L is going to want to see about 65 psi, while the Jeep pump is only going to supply about 50 psi. That pressure difference may or may not be a problem depending on how you plan to use the Jeep, but as long as the computer sees that it’s getting an adequate amount of fuel, it shouldn’t care if that fuel comes from a PWM system or not. A third option would be to utilize a Vapor Worx PWM system. This option would give you all the benefits of a PWM system, and it’s a standalone design so you won’t have to worry about the PCM being happy with your choice of individual fuel system components.

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